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POINT 1.   -日当たり-






Camellia loves sunshine. Let's decorate it where we often hit the sun.
A bright place such as a window is best when you watch indoors.
In that case, let's not hit the air conditioner and the heating machine directly.
Let's appreciate it outdoors in a sunny place. If possible, avoid places where the West hits directly.
By sunlight being sufficiently hit, you can appreciate the beautiful flower color of the camellia origin.

POINT 2.  -水やり&肥料-





Camellia is a relatively dry plant. Basically, in the case of potted plants, if the surface of the soil is dry enough plenty of water to flow out from the bottom of the pot is the best. We do not dry much in the winter, but when the flowers come into bloom the landing will be strong, so let's manage not to dry too much.
When planting in the garden, let 's water plenty when planting.
After rooting basically irrigation is unnecessary.
In the case of
The fertilizer is fertilized twice a year in a year (May when the sprout of the flower grows, September when the bud has been confirmed) fertilize a small amount of chemical fertilizer for gardening.

POINT 3. -剪定&植え替え-








By camber pruning after flowers, the growth and flower attachment of the following year will improve.
It is not necessary to prune every year, but pruning at about once every two years would be a good idea.
Pruning is a thinning pruning that cuts duplicated branches from the base and it is better to make the wind pass through the gaps of the branches. It becomes a measure against pests.
Since pruning after July may cause flower buds to be dropped, let's refrain from it.
In the case of
The best time to replace the camellia is good from March to April, or from September to October.
In the case of potted plants, it would be better to replant it in a larger bowl.
Let's water well when planting.

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